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You say you want a more diverse board. Here's how to make it happen.

Research reveals four commonly cited obstacles and how to overcome them.

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Nasdaq Proposed Rules Promote Board Diversity: What Businesses Need to Know

Nasdaq proposed new rules that would require listed companies to have minimum diverse representation on their boards of directors—or explain why they do not—and provide public disclosures about this to investors and others.

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M.M.LaFleur Names Stephanie Davis Michelman to Board

M.M.LaFleur, the direct-to-consumer brand geared to working women, has named Stephanie Davis Michelman to its board of directors.

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What companies can do to speed up board diversity

Companies promised to make their boards more diverse. Here’s how to actually do it.

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How to Increase the Number of Black Board Members

If you peek inside a typical corporate board meeting, odds are you won’t see any Black members seated around the table.

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A Hidden Hurdle in Efforts to Diversify Boardrooms

Some companies are reluctant to let lower-level managers become outside directors, adding a systemic impediment to the push.

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Accolade adds Brookdale Senior Living exec to its board

Cindy Kent is the executive vice president at Brookdale Senior Living, the largest senior living company in the U.S.

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Diversity Push Barely Budges Corporate Boards to 12.5%, Survey Finds

Despite pledges to nominate more members of underrepresented ethnic and racial groups, companies have made little progress over the last five years.

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Zillow, M.M. LaFleur join list of corporates pledging to add at least one Black member to their board of directors

A group of 17 companies, including Zillow and M.M. LaFleur, has signed a pledge to add at least one Black member to their board of directors within a year.

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These 17 companies are pledging to add a Black board member by the end of 2021

Companies including Nextdoor and Zillow have pledged to add at least one Black director to their board in the next 12 months.