Aishetu Dozie is the newest board member at Altimeter Growth Corp. (AGC), a SPAC formed by Altimeter Capital focused on the tech sector.

Aisha, as her friends and colleagues call her, was already a seasoned Finance professional when her personal interests and passion led her to pursue entrepreneurship. She’s since proven herself a skilled business leader across many different environments. From supporting transactions in both the public and private markets to launching her own company, Aisha brings an extraordinary mix of high-level insight and hands-on grit to the AGC board.

What benefits do your unique background and skill set bring to the AGC board?

Prior to AGC, “I had already spent many years in boardrooms, primarily evaluating credit decisions,” she explains. A former investment banker in both the US and Africa, Aisha specialized in mergers and acquisitions. She developed a keen eye for “evaluating what makes a company special, the synergies that come out of that and how to sell it.” Those insights, combined with her experience building her own cosmetics company, Bossy Beauty, allow her to uniquely internalize the needs and perspective of all parties involved in AGC transactions.

What led you to the board opportunity at AGC?

When her career pivoted to entrepreneurship, Aisha missed pieces of Finance. She felt it was important that she continue to leverage that experience. She became interested in board seats, yet found she wasn’t in the right networks. “It’s not like applying for a job. The board process is not transparent at all,” she explains. With the help of some mentors, she put together a board biography and shared with those in her network. Ultimately, a classmate from business school introduced her to Brad Gertsner, the CEO of Altimeter Growth Corp.

What made the opportunity at AGC the right fit for you?

From the start, Aisha was impressed by the work that Brad and AGC were doing. Reimagining the way that companies go public, Aisha says, “is like a rebranding exercise.” Brad and the rest of the board focus “on a high quality experience [for the company/founder] and getting to market quickly and efficiently”. That was innovative and intriguing to her.

She was also compelled by Brad and AGC’s commitment to diversity, Brad’s leadership of The Board Challenge in particular. For her, “it’s the decisions that go beyond performative speech,” she explains.

What do you think will make you a successful board member?

Aisha explains she has been fortunate to have strong mentors, already serving on multiple public boards, to guide her through the learning curve. However, new online groups, like theBoardlist and Him for Her, have also been great resources. She’s made sure to attend webinars and discussions wherever possible. Also, she feels fortunate to be in a supportive environment where she can learn as she goes.

“How can I be of service here?” is a question that Aisha often asks herself. She believes that as a board member it’s important to understand the domain expertise you bring and ensure you are a value add in that specific area. “My voice matters at certain meetings [and less at others]”, she explains. “I’ll speak on issues where I have a very strong opinion.” Aisha’s thoughtful approach, combined with her unique perspective and voice, will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable asset to the team at AGC.