Lizette Williams is the newest board member at RealSelf, a platform that provides information and reviews for people considering elective cosmetic treatments.

Lizette Williams is a seasoned marketing and advertising executive, having led teams at both large consumer companies and, most recently, Facebook. However, she is best known for her expertise in multicultural marketing and cutting-edge work at the intersection of brands, culture and technology. Lizette’s innovative approach and hands-on experience addressing the needs of a diverse consumer base will prove indispensable as the RealSelf team continues to grow its platform.

What experiences in your career have positioned you for a seat on RealSelf’s board?

Lizette began her marketing career cutting her chops with the best. Over 13 years, she held increasingly senior roles at consumer product and restaurant leaders, including Pepsi, Kimberly-Clark and McDonald’s. While building a strong marketing base, she became intrigued by the critical role that technology was playing within her industry. Lizette decided that a digital native experience would deepen her marketing toolkit. She made the calculated decision to join Facebook, where she had previously been a client during her time at McDonalds. She now leads a global marketing team helping companies across multiple industries maximize their potential on the platform. She explains that this role allows her to drive cultural relevance and impact on an even broader scale.

How were you connected to the RealSelf board opportunity?

Lizette was introduced to the RealSelf team through a friend and former colleague who was acquainted with RealSelf’s current CEO. RealSelf was looking for a seasoned marketing expert to join their board. Moreover, they were motivated to add a member who could bring a diverse perspective and voice to their team. “Diversity informs standards of beauty,” explains Lizette. Lizette and RealSelf leadership both believed there was an “untapped opportunity” for the company to engage a fast-growing base of diverse consumers seeking cosmetic treatments.

How did you know that the RealSelf board position was a good fit?

RealSelf’s vision spoke to Lizette from the first interaction. She explains that Realself “aims to provide equity in the cosmetic procedure space, something previously held only for affluent people. “Regardless of your socio-economic background, gender or race, [the platform] empowers you to make decisions about your body, as a human being.” She was inspired by this mission. The more she learned about the platform, the more intrigued she was; she saw enormous potential in the company. Women – diverse women, in particular – have an increasing propensity to spend. She notes that “there are very few platforms that speak to them.”

How was your experience joining the RealSelf board?

Lizette has served on the board of the Chicago Advertising Federation for seven years, the city’s oldest marketing trade organization, where she formerly served as President and chairs the Diversity Thought Leaders’ Council. In joining RealSelf, she found that there were many similarities in serving on a for-profit board. However, she was impressed by the unique, supportive culture she found at RealSelf.

“Everyone was so supportive because I was new,” she explained, “and [multiple people] reached out to set up calls, to help me know what to expect, and discuss the pre-reads.” The company’s executive chairman, Tom Seery, even reached out in advance of the first meeting!

Lizette was also invited to the company’s quarterly all-hands meeting, where her appointment was announced. She describes the “collegial environment” she experienced while on site. She was particularly blown away when an employee of a diverse background sent her a note and told her how happy she was that Lizette would be joining the board.

With Lizette’s expertise and infectious passion for consumer-centric, modern marketing, there is no doubt that many others – from board members to platform users – will be thankful Lizette has joined the RealSelf team.